Magical Simplicity 

                                   – mixed media small collages and abstract paintings

5 Weeks, once a week for 2.5 hours.  $150




We will limit our color palette to just a handful of colors and a handful of techniques (of course you may choose differently) and will see the beautiful results that we can get. We will work with acrylic paint and inks, pastel, watercolor pencils, markers, paint pens and many other media.  And as usual, these offerings are for you to take in whatever direction you wish.

We will use:

Old book pages, simple paper backgrounds, rich neutral colors, mixed media elements

Color blocking, focal shapes, repetitive shapes, geometric shapes

Collage, mark making, etching into paint, acrylic ink…and possibly more.


We will take it one step at a time, the at the end of the five weeks, combine our elements to see what emerges.

We will create a set of three small abstract paintings and a set of three or more abstract collages – using the same colors. 

These are two separate project worked side-by-side.   I will guide you the whole way.   Below are student examples from this class the last time I taught it.