The Wild Paintings

Landscapes that bring to mind a wild storm.

These paintings are for sale, unless indicated.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of them. 

Wild 1

16X20  Acryilc on Canvas


Wild 3

16X20  Acryilc on Canvas


What drew me to the art was YOU. 

I love the vibrant colors in your pieces; I particularly enjoy the way you punctuate rich, jewel tones with bright spots of yellow light. 

I get lost in the layers of beautiful, organic shapes and images. 

I like the intuitiveness of your work, the masking and unmasking.  I respond to your themes of leaves, flowers, seed pods, birds, attraction, procreation—and circles, which

I see as a broader theme of the circle of life. 

In some of the pieces, I “see” your laughter.  I especially love that.

Neil N.

Wild 2

16X20  Acryilc on Canvas


Goodies Inspired by my Paintings

I couldn’t help it.  I love seeing my art on these products.  Take a look.  I have notecards, pouches, totebags, coasters and wall hangings. 


I’ll send you updates about where and when you can find my art. 


(360) 739-6801


Bellingham, WA