I live in the PNW and adore all the trees around me.  These paintings for me, capture the mystery, wildness and sense of home that I find there.

These originals are for sale, unless indicated.  Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one.  

I love Deb Dole’s art.  She is a radiantly talented artist.  

Her work is rich in color and vibrantly alive in its emotion.

We have it on our walls and her pieces sing.

A 62 year old resident of Bellingham.

Coming home

To me this painting invokes home.   Coming back into the safe forest.

If you look closely, you will see the painting’s name printed on the painting.  In addition, all around the painting there are grey stencil letters that, if you can find all of them, spell out Coming Home.

12X24   Acrylic on Canvas


Prints available


safe from the storm

A companion piece for Coming Home.

Safe from the storm evokes in me a wild and furious storm in the forest, yet I am safety ensconced in a burrow, witness to, and yet safe from all that wildness.

12X24 Acrylic on Canvas   $350

infinite potential

This painting just happened.  I was playing with background and fell in love with the background.   Once the trees appeared, it was done!!!   My paintings don’t usually come that quickly.

If you look closely, you will see the paintings title written on the painting. 


12X24  Acrylic on Canvas


Goodies Created Using my Paintings

I couldn’t help it.  I love seeing my art on these products.  Take a look.  I have notecards, pouches, totebags, coasters and wall hangings.

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