The Live Well Collection

Wild and colorful acrylic paintings with inspirational sayings on them. Check back every 6 months more for another one.

These paintings are all a smaller size – 8X10, 12X12 or something along those sizes.

These paintings are for sale, unless indicated. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me. 

Dance with Life

Life is much more fun when you dance with whatever comes your way. No dance is perfect, but the moreand engage with what is in your life, more alive you will be. 

11X14 Acrylic on Canvas



What does Live Beautifully mean?   Something different for each person.  Living with integrity to yourself,  listening to and following your heart, loving well and offering your talents out there to others. 

12X12 Acrylic on Canvas


Live Joyfully

The more joy we can find in everyday things, the more at peace and in love with life we will be.  Look around.  What do you see that is joyful?  Do you smell anything joyfull?  Use your hands, laugh out loud.  Just find the joy that is around you. 

8X10 Acryilc on Canvas



I adore vibrant colors.  I adore living vibrantly and I adore this painting.  It express the essence of vibrant life so well to me. 

12X12 Acrylic on Canvas


Goodies Inspired by my Paintings

I couldn’t help it.  I love seeing my art on these products.  Take a look.  I have notecards, pouches, totebags, coasters and wall hangings. 




I’ll send you updates on when and where to see my art.


Bellingham, Wa