Adventure – Around the Next Corner Series

I imagine I am off on an adventure. 

Strolling through a city.   

Wondering what treasures I will find around the next corner. 

Colors, designs, homes, little fascinations.

Hidden Sanctuary

8X8 Mixed Media on Wood


OMG!   I love your work!  It’s so full of emotion.  I’ll take this one, and this one, and this one.  No wait, this one too!!

Joan B. 

Around the Next Corner

8X8 Mixed Media on Wood


The Next Street Over

8X8 Mixed Media on Wood


Prints Available


8X8 Mixed Media on Wood


Goodies Inspired by my Paintings

I couldn’t help it.  I love seeing my art on these products.  Take a look.  I have notecards, pouches, totebags, coasters and wall hangings. 

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