7 more birds in acrylic, inks and oils

Birds continue to inspire me.  Their grace, their humorous looks, their freedom in the wind.

These paintings vary in size and are mostly smaller 5X7 up to 12X12.  They capture the wisdom, the quirkiness and the stateliness of these birds.

These paintings are for sale, unless indicated. If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.

Hope Rises Up

This painting reflects my feeling of the times.   Rather than focusing on all that is not well in our world, let’s focus on hope.  Let’s focus on what is good around us everywhere . 

12X12 Acrylic, ink and oil on Canvas



This painting was a surprise.  The first layers was mostly inks and this bird just appeared.  And what a world she imagines.  

12X12 Acrylic, Inks and Oil on Canvas



Just waiting.  Waiting for what comes next. 

8X10 Acrylic, ink and oil on Wood


resting in joy

Proud, strong and joyful amidst the chaos.

12X12  acrylic, ink and oil on Canvas


Mysterious Sage

Emerging out of the background, she knows more than us.    Let her wise eyes speak to you 

12X12 Acrylic on Canvas


holding wisdom

Like the mysterious sage, he holds wisdom in his stillness and deep within his eyes.  The essence of groundedness.  This painting is park ink, park acrylic paint, part collage and part oil!

12X12  on Canvas


face to the world

A smaller piece on paper. 

Acrylic, collage and oil. 


painted dreams

A small piece on paper. 

Acrylic, inks and oil.

Goodies Inspired by my Paintings

I couldn’t help it.  I love seeing my art on these products.  Take a look.  I have notecards, pouches, totebags, coasters and wall hangings. 




I’ll send you updates on when and where to see my art.


Bellingham, Wa