Abstracted Acrylic Play 

                                   – color, line and pattern




A class where we PLAY and create little vignettes.   There is no “product” that we will aim for, we are just playing and EXPLORING the materials and the tools.   I will guide you and there will never be a point where you have no idea what to do next.  It’s about making one move at a time and seeing what happens.

You will find that you really enjoy some of your vignettes.   You will certainly leave with a different understanding of color, line, pattern and painting.    We will: work with colors and combining them – finding what lights you up.   We will use various ways to make marks, lines and patterns.

This is intuitive art –

we will not be trying to reproduce something or “PAINT” something.

We will work with a system so that you never have to experience the blank page issue or a block…….there is only the next move.

We will be using mostly a combination of acrylic paints and inks as that is what I am comfortable with.  

Week one
Playing with paint, color and line. Creating little vignettes.

Week two
Using photos of the landscape and environment that you have taken over the week. Transforming them into inspiration for further work. Creating small vignettes that give you a feeling of your environment and a flavor of what you experience.

Week Three

Playing with symbols, colors and contrasts.  Really fun things emerge here!


Week Four

Depending on where we are, we can take these vignettes further!!!   Regardless, it’ll be fun.