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About me

I am a woman, mother, artist, life-partner,

                   gardener, writer, ecologist and musician.


I am a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

                 So are my pieces.

I create them to honor the uniqueness

                                                                   in each moment.


I paint mostly with acrylics and inks.

                                         My process is intuitive and felt.

I start with no image of the final painting.


First I lay down colors,

     patterns, textures, drips…..

                             Whatever draws me at the moment.


                                            Then, I stop and look,


More Birds! 2019

With these three paintings, I was revisiting my favorite topic of birds.   Two of these are companions painting to others in the Fall Collection. 

New Fall 2018 Collection


These paintings are  whimsical, made of acrylic, ink and paper. The first layers are organic and pattern filled.  Many of these are 12X12. 

The “Wild” Collection 2018

With these three paintings, I was playing with three threads – colors, pattern and texture.  These are a trio and are meant to complement each other. 

The “Live Well” Collection

Sometimes joy is in the room.   And sometime vibrancy…….

When they are, I just have to paint them. 


Birds arise in almost everything I do.  They evoke freedom in me.

Buds, Leaves, Plants and Flowers

Most of the images in my paintings are organic shapes that come from nature.  Lots and lots of bud shapes, flower shapes, vine shapes.    They organically wind their way across the painting surface. 


Three three paintings are evocative on the forest where I live.  To me, forest is peace, safety, solitude and much needed soul food. 

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Find the Prints you Like

So you like some of these paintings but you can’t afford them or the original is sold!!

Well, I’ve got prints.  High quality archival prints. 

You can order them from me or go straight to Etsy and see what is there.


other goodies

I couldn’t resist.  I love my art on these products.  I’ve got journals, coasters, pouches, totebags, wall hangings, cards and prints.  All high quality archival reproductions. 

Latest News

Here I give periodic updates on where my art can be found and what’s happening with me. 


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